Welcome CBE teachers,
Below we will list our most important Tips and Best Practices to assist you when working in TeacherLogic:
Search Teacher logic in the staff insite for more documentation and tips.


TeacherLogic sessions time out if the Submit button is not used within 20 minutes.

TIP - Click submit after working on each student. Use the Submit button in Grades and Attendance frequently. The application requires the submit button TO BE CLICKED to not consider your session idle.

TIP - If you are creating your own comment bank, put comments into a Word document and copy/paste them into the Period Grades. This will help to expedite the time you are working on each student so that you can click your submit button.

Tip - Sometimes a screen reading Error 500 is displayed in Teacherlogic. To resolve this and continue your session in Teacherlogic, just refresh your browser page by using the browser refresh icon in the URL toolbar.

TIP - When leaving the program use the Log Out button in the top right hand corner of the window. Using Logoff instead of the your browsers X icon, will prevent your session from remaining active on the server which can cause issues.

We are working at improving these experiences for Staff . Thank you for your co-operation.

**New - Best Practice when copying/pasting your comments into SIRS or TeacherLogic - Arial 9 is recommended for success. Special characters such as bullets, bolding, semi colons etc cannot be used in a comment.